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Page 8 - Statement by Ralph Sultan, MLA on the Shoreline Preservation Society

2011 Legislative Session: Fourth Session, 39th Parliament
Debates of the Legislative Assembly, Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - Afternoon Sitting

Private Member Statement Ralph Sultan, MLA West Vancouver-Capilano


West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society is a volunteer organization seeking to enhance our foreshore, the beach area between low tide and high tide. Children play on our beaches and, of course, marine creatures inhabit it when the shoreline is properly preserved.

Unfortunately, a comparison of photographs reveals West Vancouver's foreshore is a thin remnant of what it once was.

Why? There are a variety of reasons: Damming of the Capilano River, blocking the flow of sandy sediments; private bulkheads, tending to convert beaches into ocean; and rock removal, discouraging both sediment capture and marine life.

How can beach erosion be replaced with beach accretion? Shoreline Preservation Society to the rescue.

Ray Richards, Jack Wood, Beryl Allen, Chuck Brawner, Kevin Webb, Hugh Hamilton and Bryan Williams, in close collaboration with the Municipality and the Streamkeepers, are implementing measures which provide groynes or dikes to capture the sediments flowing down many other streams; artificial reefs offshore to break the waves and encourage kelp growth and creatures of the sea; and educated landowners who appreciate the long-term futility of bulkheads.

The good news? Slowly but surely our beaches and marine life are being restored.

Thank you, Shoreline Preservation Society.

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