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District of West Vancouver Works to Protect Valuable Coastline

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

West Vancouver, BC:

West Vancouver Council has adopted the 2012 – 2015 Shoreline Protection Plan and endorsed the 2012 work plan. The 2012 work plan will focus on creating tidal and sub-tidal man-made reefs, enhancing habitat, and improving foreshore quality.

Mayor Michael Smith says, “It’s clear that West Vancouver residents, this Council and past Councils appreciate the special environment of West Vancouver and see themselves as stewards of our shoreline. Implementation of the Protection Plan demonstrates a thoughtful and strategic plan to move forward with this important work.”

The 2012 work plan has been developed in context of the last seven years of work which has been spearheaded by the West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society and supported by the West Vancouver Stream Keepers Society. Additionally, an in-depth peer review was done to ensure that the right projects and priority areas had been identified and that the plan was robust and achievable. The 2012 work plan budget as approved by Council is $150,000. It is hoped that “free” rock from constructions sites as well as on-going citizen support will increase the resources for the Protection Plan.

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Brent Leigh says, “The community has stepped up when it comes to protecting West Van’s waterfront. Whether it’s as volunteers working in the streams, donating rock materials or making financial investments on their waterfront property, it’s clear that this is exceptional work which advances most notably our environmental protection of our foreshore, but also builds a strong sense of civic engagement and stewardship.”

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