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Balanced Environmental Services Inc. - Photographic Survey - West Vancouver

1. Ambleside inshore and Seaward Pilot Reefs:
Marine life observed was typical for secondary colonization of subtidal rocky reefs. Barnacles
and ephemeral algae (red bladed and sea lettuce) species were common along with a number of
sea star species crab and lingcod.

Ambleside Inshore Pilot Reef Photo Gallery
Inshore Pilot Reef Species List

Ambleside Seaward Pilot Reef Photo Gallery
Seaward Pilot Reef Species List

2. Lawson Pilot Reef:
Bull kelp and laminarians were present here along with a variety of red algae species. The
greater difference in depth between the seaward edge (deeper) and the apex of the reef
(shallower) provided for a higher diversity of species colonization as compared to “flatter” lower
profile reefs at similar elevations.

Lawson Pilot Reef Photo Gallery
Lawson Pilot Reef Species List

3. 27th Street DFO Compensation Reef:
The presence of large variety of red and brown algae, abundant bull kelp and complete
coverage of stable substrate, display a reef that has reached a succession climax. Biodiversity
and abundance on the 27th Reef were comparatively greater (per square metre) in relation to
what was observed on the pilot reefs at Lawson and Ambleside.

27th Street DFO Compensation Reef Photo Gallery
27th Street DFO Compensation Reef Species List

4. Historical Photos of foreshore prior to remedial work:

Historical Photos

Presentation by the Society to the West Vancouver council, November 15th, 2010
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Video: Shorewalk from Ambleside Park to Dundarave Pier with commentary (WVSPS 2006)
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